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Chilliwack septic tank cleaning

Chilliwack Septic Tank Cleaning & Inspection

Septic tank cleaning should be done every one to three years. By not doing so, solids and paper waste products begin to settle at the bottom or float to the top of your septic tank, which can cause blockages. The sludge flushed into your drain field can settle into the drain fingers, thus preventing water from making its natural progression into the ground. This leads to major problems and costly repairs.

Don't wait until you can smell sewer water from a blocked septic tank that has waterlogged your yard.

Save time and money by contacting Vertec Transport for routine maintenance and septic tank cleaning in Chilliwack. Our highly trained technicians use the most advanced equipment available in the industry to provide thorough and efficient septic tank and cleaning services.

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Other Services

Vertec also offers septic tank enzyme products and pumping and cleaning of catch basins, grease traps and lift stations – contact us for more information.

A Few Helpful Tips

Aside from having your septic tank regularly pumped, here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to minimize septic tank back-ups:

• Single-ply toilet paper is best
• Never flush thick paper towels or baby wipes
• The more frequently you use your garbage disposal, the more garbage will end up in your septic system